Costa Rica Travel | 3 Reasons Why to Go to Costa Rica

June 7, 2014

Here are just a few reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations on the planet and why Costa Rica Travel should be at the top of your list!

Warm Weather and Topographical Variety

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Ridiculous Sportfishing in Costa Rica

The average annual national high temperature is 84.9 degrees F with an average low temperature of 68.4 degrees. But Costa Rica has different regions and altitudes. Chirripu is a mountain that measures 12,533 feet and Irazu, not far from San Jose, 11,260 feet.

The entire central valley (San Jose) is around 3,800 feet. This gives the central region a nice, temperate climate. The low laying beach areas are near or at sea level, therefor, humid and warm all year round.

You can visit the valley coffee plantations or hike to the top of an eleven thousand foot volcano. You can go hiking in the cloud forests or zip-lining through the transitional low-land rainforest. You can relax in the Tabacon hot springs or hit the beach. Costa Rica is not only the most diverse piece of land per square mile with regards to bio-diversity, but also extremely diverse in things to do!

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Costa Rica Has World Class Surfing

From the emerald green barrels in the Caribbean to the pounding consistency of the pacific, if you area a surfer, a Costa Rica vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.

The pacific is pretty much always has a pulse, but in the dead of Costa Rica summer, (Jan, Feb, March) the Costa Rican Caribbean side starts to fire from all of the squalls offshore near Columbia and Venezuela.

Marlin, Tuna and Mahi Oh My!

The central pacific is host to Los Sueños Marina, which is home to many sport-fishing records. Just last January 22nd-25th during the first leg of the Triple Crown tourney, 2,159 sailfish and 11 marlin were caught and released (in just 3 days!). This area is a sport-fishing epicenter, various species of tuna, marlin, sails, mahi-mahi, wahoo etc. are landed on the regular. There is also awesome inshore fishing as well, roosters, snappers, barracuda etc.

May 12 of 2013 while spearfishing (freediving) with my friend Nick, he nailed the new world record, pacific dog-toothed snapper (just under 80 pounds). The previous record was set off the coast of Baja, Mexico in 1969.

These are just three reasons why Costa Rica Vacations are superb… and I can think of dozens more!

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