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June 3, 2014

There are so many reasons to choose the central coast for your Costa Rica Vacations, but one of the biggest and best reasons is the surfing. There are so many great surf sports to choose from near to the Playa Hermosa, Jaco area. What is even better than the amount of great surf spots is the diversity. The area holds beach breaks, point breaks reef breaks and river mouth breaks all in close proximity. There is something available for every skill level.

Playa Jaco, Costa Rica Surfing

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Bottom: Sand

Here are a few of Jaco’s breaks, though there are peaks all up and down the 4 kilometers of beach.

Jaco’s south end is perfect for beginners. There are tents with board rentals and surf lessons where one can rent a beginner board for as little as $10.

Jaco’s center holds a small river-mouth break that is perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers and just to the left is a great sand bar right in front of Calle Bohio.

The beach at northern end, near Claritas bar and beyond has a slightly steeper shelf allowing for some steeper drops on good swells. Though this end tends to be heavier than the south end, it is still much lighter than Playa Hermosa on most days.

Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Costa Rica

Tide: Mid and High Tides

Bottom: Sand

Playa Hermosa is an exposed beach between 8 and 9 kilometers long. It offers some of the most consistent surf on the planet; here, we almost always have swell. The entire length of this beach has working sand bars creating world class waves on many days.

The beach drops sharply into the sea, creating heavy, pitching waves. This is not a beach for beginners, though intermediate surfers can have quite a lot of fun here. However, when it gets big, it is advanced & expert only. Luckily for intermediates and beginners, Playa Jaco is only 5 minutes up the road.

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Playa Escondida, Jaco (Herradura)

Tide: Mid 

Bottom: Rock Reef

Just 5 minutes north of Jaco you can catch a boat ride to a private reef break. The ride is only about $20 per person and they will come back to pick you up within your agreed upon time frame.

‘Escon’ is a magazine style wave. It sucks of the reef and bowls out to the left creating barrels on good days and fun punchy berms on mediocre days. If you drop in on the right side of the peak and go right, the wave is a top to bottom rippable ‘A-Frame’. Just keep a careful eye on the tide; low-tide can get real dry. However, this is a real gem of a wave and if your are on vacation in Costa Rica (and you surf) you should definitely hit this spot up!

Check back in with us, as we will keep posting more about Surfing Costa Rica! Are you a surfer looking for some affordable Costa Rica Rentals?

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