Costa RicaTravel: Virgin Lands of Adventure

April 23, 2015

Did you know that roughly 26% of Costa Rica’s land is untouched, protected area? The small country only accounts for about .1% of the world’s land mass but boast an estimated 5% of the entire world’s BIO-Diversity.

So This is Why To Travel Costa Rica …

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Family Fun

Scientists, eco-tourist, couples seeking romance on pristine tropical beaches … surfers and nature lovers as well as families who are just looking to see unparalleled natural beauty and an AWESOME time. These are a few of the types of people who visit Costa Rica. And these are just a couple of reasons why Costa Rica vacations are so freakin’ great.

Little Country, Big Heart

There is so much diversity of landscape as well for such a small country. From the Cloud Forests in the central mountain ranges, to patois & creole speaking Afro-Caribbean culture of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast … you can make the journey between realms in just 1 day. There are the wind swept beaches of Guanacaste and the transitional rain forest beaches of the central and southern pacific that boast some of the most consistent, good surf on the planet. Then you have the valleys, plantations and metro areas of the ‘Central Valley’ and the high peaks and Indian villages of the Talamancas.

Your Costa Rica vacation possibilities are endless. There is just so much that you can do … it is all so different yet so accessible because the entire country is only the size of Vermont and New Hampshire together. You can experience extremely different cultures and vastly different topographies in the same day, if you do so desire.

No matter where you go, (with the exception of the city) there is pristine land and wildlife all around! You have various national parks to choose from, a couple of them recognized as some of the world’s top parks. Pretty much anywhere you might be in Costa Rica, there is a national park nearby where you can see loads of plants and wildlife!

Why wouldn’t you visit Costa Rica for your next vacation? A land of pristine adventure is here waiting for you.

For more information on the coolest stuff to do while on vacation in Costa Rica or for a look at some of the best Costa Rica Rentals, just drop us a line. We love helping people out!

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