Jaco Nightlife

October 3, 2014

The Who What & Where of Partying in Jaco!!!


For those that don’t know ….Jaco is one of the biggest beach towns in Costa Rica.   Jaco is also synonymous with having a good time and partying.   Because Jaco is only an hour from San Jose, the capital, Jaco fills up with Nationals as well as foreigners looking to hang out on the beach and party the day and night away.   There is a noticeable difference in the number of people at the beginning of the week as there is on the weekend…especially during high season.   You will slowly see the town gets busier and busier as the week goes on….with Saturday and Sunday being the busiest.    Jaco has a population of approximately 10,000 people but those numbers can double or triple during the height of high season.

Like many of the towns in Costa Rica, There is a party happening at a different place each night of the week.   Many of the local bars and restaurants claim a certain night of the week as “their” night.   Many times a bar will be totally empty one night and then the next night it will be packed with people having fun.   Following is a brief guide on where to go each night of the week as well as some info on the local bars and restaurants.

Mondays-For Years, Monday nights is locals night at Orange Pub(Formerly Tabacon).  Many of the other night spots in Jaco are closed on Monday but Orange is always full.   Orange is a large open bar with decent DJ’s and dancers.   The bar is typically full of locals and the surfer crowd looking for cheap beer and drinks.   There are few options on Mondays as most other bars are closed…Orange however wont disappoint.

Tuesday-Tuesdays in Jaco are another night with only a couple of options as many bars decide to stay closed.   Rioasis located at the north end of town does however have a decent local crowd on Tuesday.   Dj Fifty plays both Latino and Pop music to keep everyone happy.   Rioasis has good beer specials and good pizza and food.   The crowd usually moved to Monkey Bar later in the night after spending some time at Rioasis.  Monkey Bar has recently changed to Latin Night on Tuesdays.

Wednesday-Jaco Blu has owned Wednesday nights with their Reggae Night.   Jaco Blu is located right on the beach next to Hotel Copacabana.   Jaco Blu is basically a pool/beach club and is open air.   It tends to get very busy on Wednesday nights with the party going  strong from 10pm- the wee hours of the morning.  The crowd will spill over later in the night to Monkey Bar and Le Loft for people looking for a little AC or to dance.

Thursday-The town starts to fill up by Thursday with more events and more places to go.   Claritas which is located right on the beach on the North end of Jaco has great beer specials and has an early local Crowd.   Los Amigos has a ladies night with DJ Tigre spinning the music and is always decent earlier in the night(10pm-12am).   Monkey Bar, Orange and Le Loft also have decent crowds after 11pm.   Everyone heads to Le Loft after the other bars close for the night.

Friday-Orange Pub is usually pumping on Friday nights with the local crowd coming out for Ladies night.   Backyard Bar located right on the beach has been getting busier with their Master’s surf contest at 4pm followed by Reggae Night.  Los Amigos always has a good late dinner/early party crowd getting warmed up.   The rest of the people are spread out with decent crowds at Monkey and Le Loft.

Saturday-Saturday’s usually start with the surf contest at Backyard in Playa Hermosa.  The surf contest starts at 4pm but get there early is you want to get a good spot on the beach or a place to sit inside.   Following the surf contest, Backyard has either a DJ or live music.  The party usually dies down after 8pm and moves to Los Amigos for the early crowd and sporting events(NFL, UFC) with DJ Tigre going on after 10pm.   Most of the other bars will be hopping…with Orange, Monkey Bar and Le Loft all being full.   Party moves to Le Loft or Jaco Taco after 2:30am when the other bars close.

Sunday-Jaco Blu has a pool party every Sunday in the afternoon with different DJ’s.   This is a great place to get some sun, shake off your hang over from Saturday night and meet some beautiful women.   Los Amigos has a decent crowd watching sports and having some food.   Monkey Bar gets going after 10pm with a huge Reggae night with DJ Who-lio and guest DJ’s.   After 2:30am, the crowd moves to Le Loft and Jaco Taco.

That in a nutshell is the busiest places during the week.  There are frequently special events in town so ask your bartender or waitress what is going as they are usually the best informed in town.  There are also a number of new bars in town that are trying to claim their share of the crowd.   Swell Bar is a small locals bar that has recently opened on Calle Bohio and seems to have a good crowd on the weekends.   Wave Bar has recently opened opposite of Tsunami Sushi on the 2nd floor of Plaza Galeone.  The Beatle bar reopened after a few years of being closed but the crowds not yet returned.  The Beatle Bar has just recently add a strip club in the back of the Bar called The Cavern.  And Lora Loca has just opened on the second floor about The Pizza Shop 50 meters north of Orange Pub.

If you are looking for girls(working girls/prostitutes), most are easy to spot and for better or worse will be at all of the hot spots around Jaco.   Hotel & Casino Cocal is also a popular spot where the girls hang out in large numbers.   On any given night, you can go to Cocal and go to the pool bar in the back and there will be a large number of working girls.   The party gets going every night after sunset and goes until the pool bar closes around 11:00pm.   From there, the girls will go to where ever the party is that particular night.   We will let you decide whether the working girls are a good or a bad thing but prostitution is legal in Costa Rica.

Go out, have fun and remember, what happens in Jaco…stays in Jaco!!  Costa Rica Gurus is happy to set up your reservations at any of the local hot spots or answer any questions you have on Jaco Nightlife!   www.costaricagurus.com

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