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June 29, 2014

82 degree water, 85 degree air temperature and punchy ‘A-Frames’ rolling in almost the entire year round. This is the life in Costa Rica, warm weather, warm water and great waves.

Travel Costa Rica and Surf!

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You can drive from Jaco, on the Central Pacific to the Caribbean in about 5 hours. So, when both sides are firing, you can pull dawn patrol at Playa Hermosa and still have more than enough time to get over to the Caribbean side, get settled and surf sunset at Playa Bonita or Portete!

This is one of the things that I love best about this country and is also why so many people take Costa Rica surf vacations … There is always a wave to be found somewhere, and being that the country is almost an isthmus, if the waves are not breaking where you are standing, you can probably find something surfable within just a couple hour drive!

Costa Rica Vacations: The Emerald Caribbean

The Caribbean commands barrels! Perfect, warm green water over shallow reef. Costa Rica’s Caribbean is powered by short fetch storms, but they produce amazingly powerful waves! Think Salsa Brava …

Best time to go is between December and March, this is also when we tend to have a bit of a lull on the pacific side. Then there is also a short season between June and August which provides excellent waves on Costa Rica’s eastern seaboard.

Costa Rica Vacations: The Mighty Pacific

Costa Rica is known for its year round long fetch ground swells. Most of the time this southern and western energy is small to medium in size, but the Pacific side does get some massive swells a couple of times per year.

The Pacific side offers too much to list and is a great place to start when you travel Costa Rica. Surf-wise, there is everything from rock reef breaks, point-breaks and a lot of different soft, sandy beach-breaks.

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